In Santiago the Corona derby: «But the dream is to play together»

In Santiago the Corona derby: «But the dream is to play together»

For the first time on Saturday they came on the field from opponents. In the future teammates? Who knows if this second chapter, still to be written, will remain only a dream or one day it will become reality. Meanwhile, this beautiful story lived its first act, with a derby in the family that gave great emotions. PROTAGONISTS Cristian and Santiago Corona, father and son who met in the derby between Manerbio and Virtus Brescia, fifth day of the C Silver championship. A unique emotion for both. «At the beginning, when I was on the bench, it seemed strange to see my dad playing against my teammates - explains Santiago, who chose the number 8, the same that the father has been carrying on his shoulders for years - I just looked at him and I didn't think about game. A bit like I did when I went to see him in the Montichiari era ". Then at one point coach Vincenzo Di Meglio sent him on the pitch and a whole other game started there. "When I entered I concentrated only on the game, although I will certainly not forget the excitement and pleasure of playing against my father." That has always been his idol. "I started playing basketball from a very young age, with the aim of following in his footsteps. I admire and respect him very much. It takes a lot of effort, it never misses a workout ». Santiago, born in 2003, who won the challenge in the family, hopes one day to play on the same team as his father. "I would love to make this dream come true, also because I think there would be a great understanding and it would be an interesting play-pivot axis." The emotion was obviously very strong also for Cristian, a 1980 class pivot from Manerbio and father of Santiago. «It was very nice to see my son follow in my footsteps, but even more to find ourselves on the field together - the comment of Corona senior -. It was a good experience and I lived it intensely: I was concentrated, but sometimes I also looked at what my son was doing. That beat me, it's true, but I'm already ready to take my revenge on the return ». He is also ready to play together, maybe one day not so far away. “Some friends told me they wanted to be in my place and be on the pitch against their son. It was an honor, a pride and a privilege, but at this point I say that it would be even better to play together. He is very young and has a career ahead, I am fine and if I can play for a few more years maybe this dream can come true ». • © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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