Riots in Chile… carry Copa Libertadores finale: From Santiago to Lima, Peru (video)

Riots in Chile… carry Copa Libertadores finale: From Santiago to Lima, Peru (video)

The Copa Libertadores final between Flamengo and River Plate ... has been moved to Peru's capital, Lima, from Santiago, due to riots and protests in the Chilean capital, Santiago, as announced by the CON Football Confederate (SouthMEB). There were many consultations and this decision was finally made. This year the final is single. It is recalled that last year CONMEBOL was forced to move to rematch for its finals event in Madrid due to incidents.

The November 23 finale was scheduled to take place at the Chilean National Stadium, but violence has hit Santiago in recent weeks as protests that have begun to rise on subway tickets have intensified and spread.

Representatives of the finalists of the Copa Libertadores and the Argentine and Brazilian football federations met at CONMEBOL headquarters and discussed for about five hours before deciding that the game would finally take place in the Peruvian capital.

"We understand that the most viable option for all and with guarantees from the Peruvian government is that the game will take place in Lima," said CONMEBOL President Alejandro Domingues.

He even said that officials had not yet decided where the fight would take place, but media reported that the most likely stadium was Monumental, with a capacity of 80,000 spectators. The decision comes six days after President Sebastian Pinera said Chile would withdraw as the seat of the APEC summit on November 16-17 and the COP25 climate summit on December 2-13.

A move causing another "blow" at CONMEBOL, which was forced to move to rematch for its finals last year, between Boca Juniors and River Plate in Madrid, after Rivera's fans attacked the coach as they hit the coach.

This year's final is the first to be a standout on a neutral field in the tournament's 60-year history. Organizers want the Libertadores to look more like the UEFA Champions League.

Many supporters, however, have complained, arguing that the single final is "unfair" to a continent the size of South America and keeps tens of thousands of fans from seeing their team in the final. Many fans had already booked flights to the Chilean capital and hotels for the weekend of the race.

Dominguez said those who bought the racing tickets would have priority on the new stadium or be refunded. This year's final is one of the most ... eagerly awaited for years, especially for Flamengo, which reached the final for the first time since 1981. "I think Lima is a good decision but we are very sad that we are not going to to Santiago, "said River Plate President Rodolfo d'Onofrio.

At the same time, the Chilean Football Federation also decided to cancel the national team's game against Bolivia on November 15th. A second match against Peru in Lima will take place, but will only include players playing outside Chile. publishes every comment immediately. However, we do not share these views as they are the sole expressor of the commentator. Abusive comments are deleted without notice. Users who do not comply with the terms of use are excluded.

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