Santa Casa de Barcelos arrived in Santiago de Compostela and says that "living the Way is the true goal"

Santa Casa de Barcelos arrived in Santiago de Compostela and says that living the Way is the true goal

About fifty people, from 20 to 72 years old - among Brothers, collaborators, relatives and employees of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Barcelos - arrived this Saturday in Santiago de Compostela.

“Uma Misericórdia de Fé - Caminhos de Santiago in stages” was the initiative, inserted in the commemorative program of the institution's 519th anniversary, which, since June, has been mobilized in a journey of renewal, transformation and Faith.

"What motivated me to participate in this activity was Faith, conviviality and checking my overcoming," said Manuela Dantas, deputy provider of Misericórdia de Barcelos and also one of the participants who, this Saturday, completed the eight stages of the initiative.

“Whoever makes the Caminhos de Santiago must know that the Faith overcomes all the obstacles that arise. We have to be prepared for more pleasant and more complicated stages ”, considered Manuel Dantas.

In the end, addressing the participants of this “A Mercy of Faith” along the Caminhos de Santiago, the provider Nuno Reis praised “the example of Faith given by all and hoped that the same spirit of Brotherhood lived in this Pilgrimage ».

Esposende City Council unanimously awarded the highest municipal decoration to the Archbishop Primate, distinguishing D. Jorge Ortiga with the Gold Medal of Honor.